Synchronize two separate databases

Synchronize two separate databases

Post by Ivan Arjentinsk » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:27:05


I remember reading somewhere (what's new for 2000?!?) that it is possible to
initiate merge synchronization of two databases that have never
synchronized. Of course the schema is the same at both databases, but the
data is different. Long time ago the two databases started from a common
ancestor, but now they are updated a lot.

Is this possible?
How this fits in the Publisher/Subscriber metaphor?

Ivan Arjentinski


1. Joining two tables from two separate Access databases

I want to join two tables from two databases. In this case two Access
databases using the JDBC-ODBC bridge.

Does anyone know if it is possible??????? It must be possible.

Next question is how?????

The final result would be a ordinary table join as if the two tables were
being joined in the same database, however, they are not.

Any advice would be great.


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