Comparison with Object Oriented Database?

Comparison with Object Oriented Database?

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Do any of you have experiences with both MS SQL Server and some object
oriented databases and are you able to comment a bit on that in any
dimension you find appropriate, e.g. the level of actual commercial

-- Henrik


1. Comparison of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems

    Laboratory for Databases and Knowledge Based Systems

The   laboratory  is  a  part  of  the  chair  "Applied  Computer
Science  I"  of  the  department  for  computer  science  at  the
university  of  Hagen.  It serves for the  transfer  of  know-how
about   actual   developments  in  the  area  of  databases   and
knowledge based systems which are relevant to practice.

One  of  our main research interests lies in the area of "Object-
Oriented  Database  Management  Systems  (OODBMS)".  As  we   are
preparing  a  comparison between different  OODBMS  we  presently
explore  the  systems  ONTOS  of  ONTOS,  Inc.  and  Gemstone  of
Servio Logic for their capabilities.

For  the  purpose  of continous investigation  of  this  kind  of
database management systems we are searching for

   -  applications using OODBMS
   -  as  well  as  new  product announcements of developers  and

We  are  also interested in persistent contacts to and  qualified
discussions   with  other  OODMBS  users  as  well   as   product

If  you  would like to cooperate with us, please send us a  short
note to the following address.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance

+ FernUniversitaet Hagen   +                                 +
+ Praktische Informatik I  +  Frank Lenzen                   +
+ Feithstr. 140            +  Phone-No.: +49.2331.987.2703   +

+ Germany                  +                                 +

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