EM doesn't see drive until it's formatted

EM doesn't see drive until it's formatted

Post by Arthur Yousi » Thu, 21 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I have a client that has an interesting problem.  Their databases are on a
partition which is drive D.  SQL Server has an operating system error
5(Access denied) when attempting to open the devices on drive D.

I attempted to create a new device on drive D, but EM doesn't list it in
the drives list.  We backed up the drive and reformatted using NTFS (it was
NTFS before).  The partition is 2.9gig.  After the format, SQL Server can
see drive D and I can create a device and make a database.  Good so far.
After restoring the devices from tape, SQL Server no longer sees drive D

I appreciate any help received on this problem.  I've not run into this and
am not sure how to approach solving it.  I currently have the client
running a virus check on the system.

Arthur Yousif


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