Auto Create/Update Statistics and insert performance in SQL 7.0

Auto Create/Update Statistics and insert performance in SQL 7.0

Post by Nic Banist » Thu, 16 Aug 2001 00:25:23

Does anyone know if there is a FAQ entry on how turning on auto
create/udpate statistics in SQL Server 7.0 for tables affects insert
performance? Migrating from 6.5 -> 7.0 and using these options has
increased the performance on 'select based' queries, but big inserts
(not BCP or BULK INSERT) have slowed noticably.

As I understand from the docs, even though when you do a sp_help on a
table and all the auto created statistics show as non-clustered
indices, they are actually statistics objects..



1. Auto create/ auto update statistics, server 7.0

        I was inspired by another posting to this NG and checked the statistics
on a few tables in my DB. I am having problems for quite a long time
that SQL server sometimes chooses very stupid execution plans. I found
out that statistics on one of the very frequented tables was updated
last time at the end of March. But auto create/update statistics is
turned on. Is this normal? At what moments SQL server decides to update
the statistics? Should I rather schedule the job that would force an
update of the statistics at that moment?
        I could hardcode the execution plan into my SQL queries, but there are
those rare moments when SQL server comes up with really good plans (even
better than mine :) and I also do not fancy the idea of writing hints
into the code.


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