Can't use SQL 7 on a Workgroup??

Can't use SQL 7 on a Workgroup??

Post by Eddie Talbo » Tue, 08 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi everyone, sorry if this seems thick but...

I have a NT peer-to-peer Workgroup set up at home with two PCs, an NT server
and NT workstation.  SQL 6.5 is set up on the NT Server.  I have no problems
connecting to SQL 6.5 from the NT workstation.

I had a SQL 7 machine set up at work which was on a Domain, however
temporarily I had to take it out of the Domain and put it on a Workgroup
because our PDC was down for a lot of time.  After I did this the
MSSQLServer service would not start because it is seems to be dependent on
the Net Logon service.  The Net Logon service does not need to be started
because the machine is running in a Workgroup, not on a Domain.

I changed the MSSQLServer service to Log on as the System Account.

So, what gives?  SQL 7 can't be run on a Workgroup?



Can't use SQL 7 on a Workgroup??

Post by Neil Pik » Tue, 08 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Eddie- you probably had SQL running on a domain account and when it was removed
from the domain this account was not valid.  If it was running on a local
account it should have started ok

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