Remote Access

Remote Access

Post by Khyati Sha » Sat, 01 Mar 2003 13:37:00


I have two machines connected through a modem (phone line). Client machine
has its local database and Server has a central database. Now, I want to
automatically connect to the server everyday, say at 12 p.m to take a backup
(through code and not manually). Once the connection is established, I want
to update records that are modified/added in my database (the Server
database has to be updated by running a db script that reads the client
database and updates/inserts corresponding records on Server machine).

How do I go about doing this? I am using RasDial() in a batch file to get
connected to the remote machine. Is it the correct way or there is some
other method to do the same.

Also, should I run the db script on client? Other alternative can be
downloading the script on Server and running it on the server. I have no
idea as to which is the right way to do it. Please help me!!!!

Please reply immediately. Its urgent.




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    Well for you problem i dont think you ISP provider have a name cumputer
like SSTEST server, the SSTEST is the local network server .. to access from
the your ISP try with your server public IP.

I hope i understand correctly your problem

Example here my AS server is OL-DATA so in my connection string y wrote data
source=OL-DATA but if i want to connect from the internet i wrote data

By The way .. after resolving your connection problem you will surely have
the error .. user could'nt be authentificated .. if so read about connecting
olap through http ... search for MSOLAP.ASP you will find some post



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