dts, login fail when change dts package

dts, login fail when change dts package

Post by sd » Sun, 03 Feb 2002 04:51:41

When I make a change to dts I get a login failed when I run it.  I have not
changed anything that requires a logon.  Also you cannot go back into the
dts because you get a logon failure also.  In the copy I made of the dts  I
reentered the password to the connection and this also fails.   Is this a
bug or am I missing something.  This seems to happen randomly some times you
can change the dts and other times you cannot.  Is this a bug or am I
missing something?

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I have a DTS package that I created with the Wizard. If I reenter in
Design mode and  enter SQL Server connection 1 and change the User Name
and password and then close. When I click on the connecting line to
Connection 2, it tells me that Login failed for user: UserX. When I look
at the properties for Connection 1, the password is blank as if it
wasn't saved.

Has anyone seen this? Thanks.


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