Does SQL 7 DTC work with MTS 2.0 DTC

Does SQL 7 DTC work with MTS 2.0 DTC

Post by Baigin_H » Thu, 05 Nov 1998 04:00:00

My computers are

NT Server 4.0 Chinese Edition + SP3 + MTS 2.0
NT Server 4.0 Enterprise + SP4 + MSCS 1.0 + SQL 7.0 Beta 3
NT Server 4.0 English Edition(code page changed to TChinese) + SP4 + SQL 6.5

When components requiring a transaction in MTS  connect to SQL 7 Beta3, the
error code will appear

"Failed to enlist in DTC: SQL state S1010, native error 0, error message
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Function sequence error."

But if i change to use SQL 6.5. It works. If i set the components not
support transaction, and connect to SQL 7, it works.
Is there something wrong with DTC?
Thank you


1. SQL/MTS/DTC Instalation...

While only one node in the cluster is actively running the MS DTC resource
processes on both nodes can access the resource and run distributed
transactions utilizing this single "instance" of DTC. There is actually an
MS DTC proxy which will processes requests made to the MS DTC resource over
to where it is running.

If DTC is of particular importance to your MTS components than you may well
consider getting this resource installed within your MTS/IIS group (ie on
the shared cluster disk that MTS/IIS are installed onto in part).

Hope this helps...



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