DB Transfer Question

DB Transfer Question

Post by Jason W. Peg » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I am attempting to transfer a database from my local SQL Server to my ISP's
SQL Server.  I can transfer a database internally, I can transfer a
database FROM my ISP to my local machine, but I cannot transfer from my
local machine TO my ISP's machine.

I am using the transfer utility in the Enterprise Manager to perform the
transfer.  I can do the transfer, and it even comes back telling me the
transfer completed successfully.  However, the tables are NOT transfered.
There are no errors in the logs.

Here's where things get a little strange.  I have looked at the script
files, namely the .tab file.  I have looked at the SQL code, and if I use
ISQL_w on their server, and run the SQL code manually, it creates the table
just fine.  It's only when it's run from the script that it doesn't work.

Suggestions?  Please be detailed.  I have been thrown into this SQL Server
world rather abruptly, and I'm drowning a little (I've only been doing DBA
for about a week now.)  I understand most of the concepts, but have not had
much practice.  I do have a strong networking background (I'm actually a
network administrator), but most of this is new.  So, no minor detail is
too small to mention.

Thanks in advance for any assistance,
Jason W. Pegg


1. DB Transfer Question

OK, a while ago I upgraded my SQL 6.5 server to 7.0 and had absolutley no
problems.  All databases were OK, all data checked out perfectly.  Recently,
I got a faster server and installed SQL Server 7.0 on it.  I wanted to
transfer all databases to this new server, but because of the number and
size of databases, I decided to do it via a scheduled DTS to run over night
so I would have to do as little work as possible.  Again, no problems, the
data was transferred and I had no errors.  Everything seemed to work
perfectly.  But when I started to access the data via programs, I saw that
character fields were being returned with trailing spaces padded to the size
of the character field.  Ansi padding was turned off, everything was set up
correctly, as far as I can see.  I tried to replicate it with a single
database, but this time it ended up transferring correctly.  what I ended up
doing, was backing up each database and restoring it on my new server (which
took a lot of time and really ruined my weekend).

Does anyone have any ideas why padding would be turned on?  Is there a
differnece in behaviour with scheduled tasks, or with DTS itself.  I haven't
had any other major problems, but these kinds of things worry me when
working in a production environment.  Any ideas would be most welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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