NT auth. VS SQL auth.

NT auth. VS SQL auth.

Post by Grzegorz Micha3e » Sat, 19 May 2001 18:57:08


    What do I have to do in case I can login to SQLserver DB with ODBC on
the client machine with "Windows NT authentication using network login ID"
and cannot login with "SQL server authentication using login ID and password
entered by user". Server returns:

"Connection failed
 SQLState: 28000
 SQLServerError: 18456   (no permission to login)
 Login failed for user ....."

All user options and permissions seem to be ok....

What and where do I have to set in SQL server to have an access in this kind
of login?




1. NT auth works, SQL Server auth doesn't

I can connect to my SQL Server if I use NT authentication, but when I switch
to SQL Server authentication in the System DSN I get an error that the user
isn't associated with a trusted connection.  When I go to the server,
though, the user ID has been added as a Login, with System Administrator
privileges and owner rights to the databases.  Is there something else that
must be done to make a user "trusted"?

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