Database conversion

Database conversion

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Programming Specialists provides services that
help to increase the value of your information

We develop applications, design and modify
databases (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL) and convert
database from one database format to another.  We
also design and develop custom reports.

Languages: Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, Access, FoxPro
and  Java for Internet/Intranet
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Database - Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Developers

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1. SQL database conversion from Borland InterBase to a Linux SQL database

Okay, I'm no database expert, which is why I'm asking.

What I'm running now:

I'm using a data manager with Pro Engineer for part and drawing storage and
management.  It uses Borland Interbase 5.1 via SQL and TCP/IP.  I currently
have a small database which is use to access a number of large data files on
the NT server it's running on.  The client relies on a BDE alias to access
the database server.

What I want to do.

I want to go to a Linux server, running either samba or netware so the
clients can access the database and files.  To do that I want to convert the
Interbase database to some other format so I can run it on a database on
Linux.  The BDE alias setup can create aliases for standard, DB2, informix,
oracle, sybase, interbase, mssql and access databases.  I am thinking that
Oracle, sybase or informix are what I want to be looking at for linux, but a
'standard' alias would probably just issue generic SQL requests.  I'm not a
company, just a personal user, but that will probably change in a few years,
so I want a solution that doesn't tie me into paying huge licensing fees if
I do become comercial, and even then I am looking at 2-3 users max.

Given the above information, does anyone have any suggestions about how to
proceed or what software to consider, in paticular how to convert the
database, I was think ODBC, does that sound stupid?

Thanks in advance

Paul Blamire

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