sql mail sends mail to nirvana (?)

sql mail sends mail to nirvana (?)

Post by Torst » Wed, 08 May 2002 01:30:36

Hi *

My configuration (everything on one Windows 2000 Server):

SQL Server 7
MAPI from Outlook 2000 client
SMTP-Server from IIS
small testing Pop3-Server (TmPOP3)

After all I got SQL-Mail configured and working, but when testing I
found that most of the time SQL-Mail sends mails that never appear in
the "Drop" directory of the SMTP server - although SQL-Mail reports no
error. "Most of the time" means that there is one mail account that
works, i.e. mails sent to this account are delivered. But all other
accounts don't work.
It should be mentioned that this particular mail account is not the
account for SQL-Mail (and they are not in the same mail profile), it's
just an ordinary account like the other ones that don't work. And when
I use Outlook to send mails to these accounts, the mails are
delivered. So there must be a problem with SQL-Mail, I think. Strange,
isn't is?

Any clues?



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Bill C.

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