FTP task

FTP task

Post by Carlo » Tue, 12 Dec 2000 21:34:31


I have a problem with the Ftp task in a DTS Package.
First I select the source Ftp site, the destination path and the files, no
problem with this. But when I execute this step, the file is saved to the
destination path and after that is deleted at the end of the step. I need
that file for later use (next step in DTS)

Any help???




1. DTS FTP Task: Is it possible to get beyond the root directory of the ftp site

You can see sub-directories and navigate up and down but if this is a
virtual directory it will not be shown.

 From "Microsoft Internet Information Server Installation and Planning

"...because of FTPs technical limitations as an older protocol,
virtual directories are not visible to users. Users can enter a virtual
directory only if they know the alias of the virtual directory."

This is an FTP limitation, not the task. You can use Disconnected Edit
to set the file name.

Darren Green (SQL Server MVP)
DTS - http://www.sqldts.com

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