ISQLW 7.0 settings problem.

ISQLW 7.0 settings problem.

Post by Peter DeSimon » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I used to be able to configure the version 6.5 utility to always "Output the
Query" into the results Window.  Now with 7.0, I can only apply the setting
after I connect to database.

How can I change that setting globally?



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Sql Query Analyzer & ISQL/w did not return the same values, when querying
against the same table.  The server is still version 6.5

The column is defined as:
sbldgr_amt                     money        (19,4) not null

This is returned on QA in SQL7s Query analyzer


It returned this in SQL6.5s isqlw


When I executed a SUM() statement for the above query SQL7 returned 43.0983,
SQL6.5 returned 43.10

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