Post by Filip Nová » Tue, 06 Mar 2001 18:02:05

When i try to start sqlagentmail with xp_startmail the Server did not
respond for a 2 hours.

Where is the configuration for sql mail? I am using MSSQL 7.0

Anybody has idea what  could be wrong?

thanx fila



Post by DineshT » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 00:04:07


The configuration for SQL mail is well documented in BOL. A quick study
should help you in mail setup.



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I configured and tested my SMTP Mail using SQLAgentMail
and it works fine.  My problem is whenever SQL
is "automatically recycled", my SQLAgentMail no longer
works.  I then go and manually (via Enterprise Manager)
stop and start SQLAgent and SQLAgentMail works again.

Anyone have any ideas where I should look to resolve this ?
I am running SQL 7 with SP3 on NT4 with SP6a

Does it have anything to do with who starts up the
services ??  Stop/Start of SQLAgent should always be using
the same id as assigned during the SQLinstall, correct?

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