Software Inspection as a SERVICE for SQL Server apps?

Software Inspection as a SERVICE for SQL Server apps?

Post by Pete » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 00:05:33

Anyone know of a vendor who will inspect a SQL Server app w/automated
tools, as an outsourced service offering (so we don't have to buy the
tools and do it in-house)?  I know does this for
heavy-duty C/C++ apps, whereby you upload your code to them and they
issue you a
defect report about 5 days later.

1. Y2K Inspection for Pick Apps

For anyone who may need to inspect Pick Basic source code or Procs for
possible date usage regarding Year 2000 conformity, we have posted on
our web site the source code to a utility written
for that purpose.

You can download it for free. This is a small way we can contribute to
the Pick community. We have benefited greatly from questions and/or
comments from CDP participants.

George Shaunfield

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