ODBC errors when trying to log IIS access data to a SQL server.

ODBC errors when trying to log IIS access data to a SQL server.

Post by ADB Enhete » Fri, 25 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> Hi,

> I'm trying to write the IIS logfiles to a SQL database. But When I try to
> create the tables from the "Create Microsoft Internet Information Server
> Log Table" page I get the following error:
> "Error Performing Query

> ?[State=08001][Error=1326][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
> Driver][dbnmpntw]ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).
> ?[State=01000][Error=1326][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
> Driver][dbnmpntw]ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()). "

> This is what I'm running.

> One Intel PC with NT 4.0 SP 3 and SQL 6.5 and SP 3. I have installed the
> Network Protocolls TCP/IP and Named Pipes.

> The web server is running on a Alpha NT 4.0 SP3 IIS 3.0. I have also
> installed a System DSN with the SQL Server version 2.65.0252. The ODBC
> connection seems to work fine. If I use ODBCPING /D(and the name of the
> DSN) i get a positive reply.

> Any ideas what could be wrong?

> Regards,

> Tomas.

Some more info.

If I turn of the named Pipe protocoll in SQL setup I get an error message
from ODBCPING saying:


SQLState: 08001  Native Error: 6
Info. Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][dbnmpntw]Specified SQL
server not found.

SQLState: 01000  Native Error: 2
Info. Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][dbnmpntw]ConnectionOpen

According to that message it looks like it is trying to use Named Pipes
[dbnmpntw]. Why is that? Do I need to configure something else to make it
work via TCP/IP. Ordinary ping works fine.

Please, ive some hints on what to do.


Tomas Appelgren,
 Digital Equipment AB.


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I have a web page that uses a simple "IDC" query to retrieve information
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with no problems (on IIS3).

Last week I decided to replace my aging Alpha server with a new Intel box.
I installed NT and IIS4.  I moved all the pages from the old server to the
new one.  Now I get this error about half the time with these IDC pages:

[State=08S01][Error=4][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver][DBNMPNTW]Connection broken.
[State=01000][Error=6][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver][DBNMPNTW]ConnectionTransact (GetOverLappedResult()).

Then I can "refresh" the view on the page, and the query returns correctly.

I found a kb article that talks about problems with named pipes under
certain circumstances, so I tried moving the whole thing to sockets, and I
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