DTS error ("catastrophic error")

DTS error ("catastrophic error")

Post by Eugene Jenkin » Sun, 28 Oct 2001 00:40:26

I have been trying for over a year to move data from SQLBase to SQL Server
using DTS.  Everything appears to work great until I click on the finish
button in the DTS wizard, then I get an error.  When I double click the
error it says, "catastrophic error" follow by an error message "error during
initialization of the provider".  While setting up the transfer in DTS I can
preview the SQL Base data and everthing appears fine.  The new tables are
created in SQL Server--the error occurs at the time the data is to be
transferred.  I have tried both Intersolv and Centura ODBC drivers.  I am
using SQL 7 (SP3) on Windows 2000.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Or, please tell me where I might go to pay a consultant.  I have given up.

Eugene Jenkins


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I am facing a strange problem. I am using ADO to do a lot
of table operations, maily "SELECT", "INSERT"
and "UPDATE" statements. These operations are repeatedly
run for a large number of different inputs. The driving
program crashes on Windows XP with a "Catastophic

I found an article on the web mentioning "Catastrphic
Failure": Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 243349.

Since this article is old, I am not sure if the same
error is applicable to Windows XP for SQL Server 2000. I
tried taking the MDAC download version available on
Microsoft Download Site. Still the problem refuses to go

Is there a chance that the same error could have re-
surfaced or is my problem possibly due to some other

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Any help will be highly appreciated.



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