Local Cubes Using Excel 2000 Beta

Local Cubes Using Excel 2000 Beta

Post by Claudiu » Sun, 07 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Has anybody managed to create a local cube using EXCEL 2000 (beta) after
setting up a Pivot Table report using OLAP Services linking into a SQL
Server 7.0 mart?

According to the documentation a "Client/Server" menu item should appear on
the Pivot Wizard with an option to save a local ".cub" from a generated
Pivot Report in EXCEL 2000.

I have created a report, but there is no option to save to a local cube from
the Pivot Report wizard.

Thanks in advance.



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Please forgive me if this post repeats. I sent one several hours ago
and it vanished.

We would like to do following:

- Send cub file over email or ftp to users who are not on network.
- who will create their own pivotable based reports using this cub
- periodically email new cub files drawn from same cube with new

Can users just refresh their data by pointing to cube file and not
have to recreate their worksheets?.

Reason I am asking is sometimes Excel reports an error ' organisation
has changed...' and refuses to fetch or refresh the pivot-table with
new cube file.
Which is the safer way - just delete the old cub and copy over the new
one with same name? Use another cub file name and point to that one?



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