Error when configure "Transactional Replication"

Error when configure "Transactional Replication"

Post by Tuan Nguye » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:24:33

Hi All,

I am trying to configure database server with paramters such as below
    Distributor/Publisher : user sa, database : test
    Subcriber : user : abc (dbowner), database : test1
I configure Publisher as Transactional and Queue Update
I configure "type Push Subscriber" to replicate 2 database
But it's OK to update data from Publisher to Subscriber and when
Updating occur in Subcriber it can' t update to Publisher and it has error
as message below :
    Server: SERVER, Database pmw : ODBC Error:Could not change the
    Publisher because the subscription has been dropped. Use
sp_subscription_cleanup to clean up the triggers.


1. login "distributor_admin" for transactional replication

Tring to configure transactional replicaion using
Enterprise Manager , but got
the following err msg after entering all the required data:
"Could not configure "MSDBA01" as the distributor.
Error 18483: Coutld not connect to server "MSDBA01"
because distributor_admin is not defined as a remote login
at the server".    Is this login created by the the
Creating Publisher, Distributor process or it has to be
created by me manually?

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