Couting word occurances in text

Couting word occurances in text

Post by Adrian Bilja » Wed, 04 Aug 1999 04:00:00

How can you count the occurances of a specific word in a column that is of
type text?

1. Query- Count how many occurances of certain text in a column

Hi everybody,

First time I've posted in this group so go easy on me :-). Hopefully
somebody can help. My website runs off an SQL database and I'm trying to
write a query in Microsoft SQL Query Analyser.

So, I've got a table called tbl_outgoing, and within it is a column called
number. A typical field contains text such as below:

There can be anything from 1 to 100+ <number>xxxx</number> entries in a
field. I need a query to count the amount of times <number> (or 'number'/2)
occurs in the whole column.

Chris Michael
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