Execute a stored procedure with Parameters from delphi

Execute a stored procedure with Parameters from delphi

Post by Roberto Martine » Thu, 20 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I need information about how can I execute a stored procedure with more
than one parameters from delphi, actually  when I try to execute it
there is an error message "Invalid parameter".

Thank you


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Hi everyone,

Now i want to automate this process in a userfrindly enviroment.
In a form he user marks a date in a DropDown field and then clicks a button
to execute the procedure.

I found the following to do with code:

Public ZEL_ready()
    UserDate = Forms![ZEL].[choose_date]
    DoCmd.OpenStoredProcedure "ZEL_ready_update", acViewNormal
End Function

An oher way that works is to create a dummy report and use the
InputParameters properties     but this method is not very professional i

Thanks for all help



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