Aborting DTS package in mult-threaded .NET app

Aborting DTS package in mult-threaded .NET app

Post by Toby Herrin » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 10:27:10

I'm running several DTS packages that I'm building on-the-fly in a .NET app.
The app is multi-threaded, and there are as many as four separate DTS
packages running on four separate threads at any given point in time.

The problem I'm having is that the interface includes a "Stop" button to
cancel the import process.  Executing Thread.Abort() on the threads that the
packages are running in doesn't seem to have any effect.

I've looked through the object model, and haven't been able to find anything
that indicates it would cancel a package, step, or task cleanly.

I know there has to be a way to abort tasks, otherwise the "Cancel" button
wouldn't work in the standard DTS execution UI.

Any pointers as to where I should be looking for a way to halt execution of
a package mid-stream?


Toby Herring
Software Architects, Inc.