Export Data using DTS Import using BULK INSERT

Export Data using DTS Import using BULK INSERT

Post by Pat Redd » Sat, 26 Oct 2002 22:53:11

SQL Server 2000...

I am exporting data from a table to a comma delimitted text file using
DTS.  Actually, I exported using the export wizard then saved as a DTS
package.  I then went into the DTS designer and added a connection to
another server and a Bulk Insert Task object to import the data from the
text file to this new connection/server upon complettion of the export
from the original server.  Comprende?  Here's my problem....
If my importing machine goes down I'd like the export, which happens
every minute, to ADD to the text file, instead then file is OVERWRITTEN
every minute.  Therefore when my importing machine comes back up I've
lost all but the last minutes worth of data.  

Any suggestons/insight would be much appreciated.

Pat Reddy

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