Looking for a part-time MDX contractor

Looking for a part-time MDX contractor

Post by Carl Kelle » Fri, 07 Mar 2003 10:46:48


I'm looking for someone who considers themselves expert at writing MDX
queries and is available for off-site consulting on an irregular basis.  I'm
guessing that we would need about 8 hours per week starting next week.

We have a virtual cube already defined with six dimensions.  Two of the
dimensions are ragged hierarchies.  The virtual cube is composed of two
physical cubes.  One of the two physical cubes is almost a copy of the other
and was created to get a distinct count of dimension members.  The fact
table will have over 100 million rows.  Our immediate goal is to deliver an
Excel pivot table that is the equivalent of a report that is now being
generated by a batch job.  We have already seen the default pivot table for
our prototype cube.  But the target report requires us to calculate some
columns and interleave the two ragged hierarchical dimensions on others.

I need to know your OLAP/MDX qualifications, your hourly rate and your phone
number.  You would be working with me, Carl Kelley, Director Product
Development.  I will do my screening via email and call you if you make the
short list.

Please, only principles need respond.  No third parties.