Final answer? Submit questions for XML game show

Final answer? Submit questions for XML game show

Post by Ken Nort » Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Submit questions and answers for the XML DevCon 2000 game show. If your
question and answers are accepted, you receive:

- a conference t-shirt
- a chance to win free admission to the conference.

Contestants will answer a series of multiple choice questions. Each question
must have four
answers. If your question is selected for the game, Camelot Communications
will send you an XML DevCon 2000 t-shirt, and enter your name into a drawing
to receive free admission to the XML DevCon conference.

Questions and answers must be submitted by May 20. All questions must have
four possible answers -- one correct and three incorrect. Submitting more
questions increases your chances of winning admission to the conference.

Contestants will be asked a series of three questions, with questions
becoming progressively harder. We want clever questions related to XML, but
we are also interested in topics such as movies, music,
science, and literature.

Submit your questions to:

XML DevCon2000 (New York City, June 25-28, 2000)


1. Games, Games, Games...

Hey Folks,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have put a couple more games,
developed in FileMaker Pro, up on our GAMES page.

Feel free to visit our SITE and click the GAMES button (LINK) and
download them for free.  They are available in ".SIT" and ".ZIP" archive
formats.  The two NEW games are:


Although we are slowly building quite a collection to choose from:-)

BTW...while I'm on this subject, there are a few SITES out there that
are hosting my other games:


The LATEST revisions are also on our GAMES page.  Feel free to UPDATE
them if you wish.  If you are in need of that extra FTP space, feel free
to link to our Home Page.


Don Wieland
D W   D A T A   C O N C E P T S

Direct Line - (949) 786-9318

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