error 1058 or 1060 installing MSSQL7eval

error 1058 or 1060 installing MSSQL7eval

Post by Arturo Navarr » Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:00:00


When installing the SQL7eval in an NT4 SP5 box,  installation setup fails.

The cnfgsvr.out  file reports:
Starting Service ...
An error occurred while attempting to start the service (1058)
SQL Server configuration failed.

Bellow the sqlstp.log last lines:

12:37:30 Path successfully updated.
12:37:30 %SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;D:\Archivos de
12:37:30 D:\MSSQL7\binn\cnfgsvr.exe  -Silent 2 -NoSampleDB 0 -SQLPath
"D:\MSSQL7\" -SQLDataPath "D:\MSSQL7\" -SortID 52 -LCIDCompStyle
"1033-196609" -HWND 4653234 -User sa -Pwd
12:37:42 Process Exit Code: (-1)
12:37:50 Setup failed to configure the server.   Refer to the server error
logs and cnfgsvr.out for more information.
12:37:51 Action CleanUpInstall:
12:37:51 D:\TEMP\_ISTMP3.DIR\scm.exe  -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service
12:37:51 Process Exit Code: (1060) El servicio especificado no existe como
servicio instalado.

12:37:51 D:\TEMP\_ISTMP3.DIR\scm.exe  -Silent 1 -Action 4 -Service
12:37:56 Process Exit Code: (0)
12:37:56 Installation Failed.

Im desperado, anyone has experienced this error?

Arturo J. Navarro


error 1058 or 1060 installing MSSQL7eval

Post by Gowri Shanka » Tue, 20 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Same answer as given before:

- make sure Client for MS networks as the primary net logon
- try disabling multiprotocol net library (even tcp/ip if this does not

Hope this helps...
Gowri Shankar, MCDBA, MCSE.


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