Memory Error (Failed to reallocate space)

Memory Error (Failed to reallocate space)

Post by david wilso » Wed, 04 Dec 2002 00:51:20

Get the above error when trying to process one of our cubes

Server NT4 SP6 2gb RAM 80gb HD

Sometimes works if we process manually but never works
when scheduled as a DTS package.  Tried creating larger
Pagefile.sys, tried putting another pagefile.sys on a
different logical drive.
Seems to happen when writing the Aggregations on the cube -
 Analysis manager grabs 1.6gb of RAM starts to rob SQL of
RAM and then falls over...

Anybody help?


1. Memory error(failed to reallocate space) in Analysis server

We are running a virtual cube with one distinct count measure and
other non-distinct count measure in another cube.fact table has got
approx. 18 million records. while processing the cube, I am geting
"memory error(failed to reallocate space)" message. as per MS KB, I
increased AS server(system drive) paging file size to the maximum
allowed limit of the system(4095 MB). still i am getting the same
error message.

Other memory settings:
Max.number of threads : 8
Minimum allocated memory : 2047 MB
Memory conservation threshold : 2047 MB
Read ahead buffer size : 64 MB
Process buffer size : 640 MB

Earlier, we had problem in cube processing time. so we by changing the
memory settings(process buffer size), trying to reduce the cube
procesing time. But while in the process of changing these memory
settigs, now we have started getting "Memory error(failed to
reallocate space)" message.

I tried in all possible ways mentioned in MS knowledge base. but keep
on getting the same error.

Any help would be really appreciated.
Awaiting for early help. It is an urgent issue.

thanks in advance


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