Windows 2000 install problems

Windows 2000 install problems

Post by marc.. » Sat, 11 Mar 2000 04:00:00

We tried to install MSSQL7 on a Windows 2K machine.  On the first
install, it couldn't start the service, it kept timing out after 4
minutes.  So we removed and reinstalled.  At that point, it started the
service and the install completed correctly, however, when I opened up
Enterprise Manager and tried to add that server's registration, the
registration would add, but then it would never show the service as
running and I couldn't connect to it through any tools.

We have backed out and reverted to NT 4.0 and had no problems.  In the
meantime, has anyone else experienced this?  I had similar problems
when I tried to install to a Windows 98 laptop awhile back, and we
eventually got that to work -- I don't remember how, nor do I know if
they are the same issue or not.  (And yes, we were using the server
version of Win 2K).

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I downloaded the 500+ MB file from OTN to install 8.1.7 on Windows 2000 sp2.
When I try to run disk1\setup.exe, nothing happens.  When I run
disk1\autorun\autorun.exe, I get the install start up and select
install/deinstall products, and nothing happens.

I did note that when I run setup.exe, it looked like a jrew.exe started and
then wnet away at the same time startup.exe went away.

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