Failed to load resource dll MSDAERSV.DLL

Failed to load resource dll MSDAERSV.DLL

Post by wmhaan » Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:24:21

I get the message 'Failed to load resource dll MSDAERSV.DLL' when I try to
register SQL Server CE on my Pocket PC with Swedish regional settings using
the enclosed dllregister.exe.

I must first change the regional settings to English in order to register
the dll's. When I change back to Swedish regional settings I get an error
complaining about the same dll every time the database fails to execute a
statement. I think the dll is a language dll for database messages.

Does anyone have a solution or a workaround for this problem.



1. Failed to load resource DLL odbcint.dll

When I last night was looking at some sample sources delivered with
D3(Standard), I just tested some DB project.

When I "run" the projects a dialog come up(ODBC Driver Manager) and had
this on hear hart to tell me: "Failed to load resource DLL odbcint.dll".
When I start the BDE Administator(and Database Desktop/Explorer) the same
thing happens.

I'm new to Delphi so I don't now what this means.
What does it means and what shall I do about it?

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