Problem in migrating from Access 2002 to SQL server 2000

Problem in migrating from Access 2002 to SQL server 2000

Post by Kent » Sun, 02 Feb 2003 16:27:28

I'm now using Access 2002 to store Asian characters
(double bytes) with Unicode compression turned on. Thus,
it show monster characters in Access but become normal in
browser. As I plan to migrate it to SQL server 2000,
could anyone tell me how to decompress (or decode) those
columns or any tool can do that.

I have migrated one table to SQL server for testing and
the Unicode-compressed column show monster characters.
Please help. Thanks in advance.


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Hello All

I am new to adp and sql server, i have a access mdb database that we
are converting to adp to link with our new sql server.

The access database was access frontend as well as access backend.

I have got all the forms to work in the adp/sql the way there were in
the access/access file.

The problem i now have is my reports use to prompt the user the enter
parameter values so that they would get the relevent data in there

I dont know how to do this correctly.

I have been reading Andy Baron's Microsoft Access Developer guide to
SQL Server, and have tried the examples with regard to input
parameters and if i run the recordsource i get the data i want but
when i run the report i get an error as follows:
Column(____PARAM::ActivityID)was used in a CALC expression but is not
defined in the rowset.

If i hard code the parameters dirctly in the recordsource it works but
not from the prompt.

Can anyone help please

Thank you


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