SQL Client Install

SQL Client Install

Post by MTV » Sat, 10 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone been able to do an unattended install of SQL client?
I want to be able to install SQL client using something similar to
unattend.txt under NT install.
I know that one can use SMS, but I don't have SMS.
Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.

Mark Vuong


1. Sql Client install on WinXP

Ok...don't know anyhting about SQL but need help!!!  I'm trying to install
the SQL 2000 client on WinXP machines (connectivity only).  I would like to
do this either through a silent install or using LanDesk to install a
package.  The problem I get is when I load the SQL Server CD on my XP
machine I get a message that the operting system is not supported (probally
because it's work station an not server I assuming), any way after that I
can walk through the installation to the end.  When I try and do a slient
install it stops again at the operating system warning.  When I try and
create a LanDesk package I get a error that it's missing "tmp.edb" which
resides in the Catroot2 folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Dante Marimpietri

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