SQL Mail - Failed to start SQL Mail session

SQL Mail - Failed to start SQL Mail session

Post by Monu Ogb » Wed, 25 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I have followed the previous threads on the subject and can't get SQL Mail
to work with an Outlook Internet service on the same machine.  (I haven't
got it to work with anything else either, as Internet mail is all I have :-)

I am set up like this (names changed to protect the guilty).

Logged into NT 4. as "adminguy" with password "adminpass".
SQL Server configured for "NT Security".
"Profile Name" in Outlook "adminguy".
The "adminguy" Outlook profile has only the "Internet mail" Service.
"adminguy's" Internet mail is working and he is able to send and receive
mail and I've left Outlook open!

In the SQL Setup, I provide the "Profile Name" of "adminguy".

The documentation shows other fields including password, etc., but with SQL
Server 6.5, I can't find these - only "profile name".

Now when I try to start the service, I get the following error in the log:

98/03/24 15:56:36.02 ods      MAPI login failure.
98/03/24 15:56:36.02 ods      Error : 17951, Severity: 18, State: 1
98/03/24 15:56:36.02 ods      Failed to start SQL Mail session.

Where have I gone wrong? Help please.

Many thanks,



1. SQL Mail test fails with MAPILogonEx error, SQL Mail starts only when Outlook open

nt 4.0, service pack 6
sql server 7.0
outlook 2000

i went through the microsoft article(s) step by step:

-> installed outlook 2000
-> made sure no old mapi32.dll are lingering, only new one is present
-> logged in as domain admin, ie the same user that runs sql server and agent
-> created profile that connects to pop3/smtp server
-> tested the setup via outlook - mail is successfully delivered

i cannot start sql mail UNLESS outlook is opened.  once i open outlook, sql
mail starts up fine,
and i can execute a test call to xp_sendmail - messages go out and arrive at
their destination.
i do, however, have the following two problems:

1. clicking the Test button always fails with "Error 22030: A MAPI
error(error number :273) MapiLogonEx Failed due to
error 273:.."
2. sql mail would not start unless outlook is open.

any help would be appreciated.



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