Design issue: nested menu options / hierarchy

Design issue: nested menu options / hierarchy

Post by Tek Bo » Fri, 04 Jan 2002 03:19:33

The problem before me is a design issue, and not a technical implementation
problem.  Right now, I'm attempting to tackle file management via ASP, ADO
and SQL Server 2k................ each profile consists of a title and
description, belongs to at least 1 department, and has linked beneath it a
number of documents (XLS, DOC, TXT, PDF).  Below is one of the key
relationship tables which links it all together:

Table FormProfile_FileMaps
formID int (FK to the table which stores profile title and description)
fileID int (FK to the table which stores virtual path to and name of the
deptID int (FK to the department this profile is being attached to, e.g.
"Human Resources")

Even though I'm a relative novice at RDBMS design, this seems like a decent
way to store the data.  The problem comes in when I try to address which
users should be able to see each profile.  Below is a logical tree structure
of the permissions which any single profile might be assigned:

+ Human Resources
          + Forms
                    + Internal Forms
                              + Public Forms
                                        + Union
                                        + Non-Union
                                                  + Exempt
                                                  + Non-Exempt
                              + Private Forms
                                        + < ... >

My dilemma here is: what is the best way to a) store this data, and then b)
link it to each profile (as loosely defined in table FormProfile_FileMaps)?
Keep in mind that a user can have any combination of parent or leaf nodes --
and selecting a parent node will automatically select all the nodes below

I'm really having a hard time conceptualizing how to do this.............
any ideas or hints would be mucho appreciated.  TIA..................

-=Tek Boy=-


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