Handling courrupt BLOB-fields ??

Handling courrupt BLOB-fields ??

Post by Magnus Lindblo » Fri, 25 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We have hundreds of small images ( < 50k ) stored as BLOB-field in an
SQL-Server 6.5 database. An application is reading these images an when a
corrupt blob occurs, sometimes it seems SQL-server stops working or works
very slow. After terminating the app, and trying to delete the corrupted
blob using ISQLW , it doesn't do any delete until I restart SQLserver.
So I guess some locking occurs, but how can I avoid it or work around the

Grateful for help

/Magnus Lindblom


1. Delphi/Access Blob handles with memo fields

I sent to this to the Delphi Knowledge base but haven't had any
answer yet. Can anyone help? ...

Topic: BDE
Keywords: Access, ODBC, Blob handle, Delphi 2.0

I cannot insert a new memo fields contents into an Acces database.
Access is linked to the BDE via ODBC(32).
I have a (select) query over just one table which returns a live result
set from Access. Calling insert sets the query into insert mode and
everything seems fine.
I can write text to my hearts content into all the (db)edit fields
including the one (db)memo field returned from the query.
When I call post I get a EDBEngineError - Invalid BLOB handle. BUT
this only happens if I have entered text into the memo field.
Trying the same thing with a datasource linked to a table produces a
different error message under the same circumstances. EDBEngineError
- Record/Key deleted.
I can't find any documentation on these facts and the manuals don't
refer to ODBC. The only piece of information I could find was in the
Access on-line help which says that SQL doesn't support BLOB fields.
Could this be part of the problem, or the whole problem?


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