Transaction log fills up

Transaction log fills up

Post by Scott Nicho » Tue, 23 Jun 1998 04:00:00

>Hello SQL users,
>Who can help me with the following,
>We are using sql 6.5 for an imaging program.
>The problem is that when we make a dump of the database, the transaction
>is not automatically cleared.
>As a result, the users are not able to log in because the transaction log
>fills up.Please inform me when you have a solution to this problem.Thank
>in advance.

You can

1. Dump the log to some real device.  You might do this periodically between
database dumps.
2. Dump the log with no_log or truncate_only.  You would do this when you
dump the database.
3. Set the database for trunc. log on chkpt.  This means you can only
recover to your last database dump.

You must determine how important the recovery of your data is to decide
which is right for you.
Scott Nichol
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