problem in running SQL SERVER v7.0 on windows 98

problem in running SQL SERVER v7.0 on windows 98

Post by dhwani sha » Sun, 19 Jan 2003 20:32:30


 when I am starting QUERY MANAGER ,Then following
error occurs:
 Error:Msg 17 Level 16 state 1
       failed to connect to server or server not
[Service Manager is running MSSQLSERVER ,I also
 Tried with MSDTC ,I just know that this
 error occurs due to wrong entry done by User
 but I can't find solution]
 My configuration is as below:
 10 GB Harddisk,
 Pentium 3 Intel processor,
 64 MB RAM,600 MHz,no Internet connection,no LAN connection
 Personal computer using at home,

 Plese write me solution If you get my problem,
 (a student)


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