SQL Mail doesn't work but SQLAgentMail works on prod server

SQL Mail doesn't work but SQLAgentMail works on prod server

Post by Maggi » Wed, 12 Mar 2003 02:26:07

SQL Mail doesn't work but SQLAgentMail works on our PROD
SQL Server

As far as we know,  via SQLAgentMail,   we can sends e-
mail and electronic pager notifications to designated
users in response to the triggering of an alert or the
success or failure of a job.

However, via SQL Mail,  we tried to use the xp_sendmail
extended stored procedure to send e-mail from Transact-SQL
batches, scripts, stored procedures, and triggers.  It
apparently doesn't work at all.
For instance, we have run the following notification:

This process  ran forever untill we stopped it.  But there
was still runnable process in the system as like "EXECUTE
master.dbo.xp_get_mapi_profiles"  run forever as garbage
process.  It can not be killed or cleaned up until we
stopped the services.  

Our PROD server platform:  W2k Advanced Server with sp2,  
SQL 2K with sp2.  

The strange thing is we have another DEV server with same
configuration ( only difference is DEV server with SP3)
can perform both SQL MAIL and SQL Agent Mail.  

Please help.


SQL Mail doesn't work but SQLAgentMail works on prod server

Post by Yih-Yoon Lee [M » Wed, 12 Mar 2003 08:13:06


Have you reviewed this article and follow the steps to setup SQL Mail yet?

INF: How to Configure SQL Mail         ID: 263556.KB.EN-US

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