Error Installing SQL 7.0: MMC setup fails

Error Installing SQL 7.0: MMC setup fails

Post by JKlande » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

The MMC that you are trying to install is not the version that Windows
2000 uses.  Try accessing the Server from the Master MMC that Windows 2K
is using by choosing the SQL Server 7 Snap-In.  Once you have the MMC
setup the way you want it, just save it as whatever you want.  From that
point on it should be available under Admin tools from the start menu.
I hope this helps.

Jed Klander

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I got this both on NT 4.0 SP5 and now on Win2000 P

I had SQL 7.0 installed previously, but something mucked it up and it
to start.  So, I tried to reinstall SQL 7.0.  During the Microsoft
Management Console setup, I got a GPF.

So, I installed Windows2000 P clean.  Other Microsoft products install
(Office, Visual Studio 6.0, etc).

OLAP fails with the same error (but the service is installed and I can
it, I can even run the OLAP Manager).  However SQL 7.0 completely aborts
setup and the service is not installed.

Here is the error (GPF):

"Microsoft Management Console 1.1 Setup:  setup.exe - Application Error"
The instruction at "0x0043c48b" referenced memory at "0x00000014".