Help : Very long time before connection

Help : Very long time before connection

Post by David KUJA » Thu, 20 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi to all,

I'm trying to attach tables from sql server 6.5 into an Access 97 database.
The time before I can access the data is very long : about 1 minute for a
table contaning 43 records. I've tried using a DSN user, DSN system and a
DSN file but it's always the same results.
The hardware configuration is as followed :
Server : NT4 SP3, 128 Mo RAM, SQL Server 6.5, CPU 133MHz
Client : W95 Osr2, 64 Mo RAM, Access 97, CPU 300MHz
Network : Ethernet 0BaseT

Can anyone give me a clue


David Kujas