Access 97 / SQL Server: Login Prompts when query is run twice

Access 97 / SQL Server: Login Prompts when query is run twice

Post by Klaus Rammi » Thu, 12 Mar 1998 04:00:00

i have an application with an access97 frontend linked (linked tables)
to an SQL-Server 6.5 SP4. in this application, there are a lot of froms
based on queries. the login to the sql-server is coded, so all users use
the same sql-server login, different user-rights are handled by
access-users (the backend migrated from an access-solution to
sql-server). so, the user never has to login to sql-server. BUT in some
circumstances he has to do: we have tho forms based on the same query,
the one schowing an overview, the other showing all fields. the
detail-form can be started directly, all works fine. the overview-form
works well too. the detail-form can be started from the overview-form,
in this case the user is asked for the sql-server-login and password. if
he logins correct, he's never be asked later. this appears only, when
the query is run twice at a time, i can reproduce it by opening one of
the forms and then opening the query direct.
please tell me, whats going on and how to work around the problem.


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I know it's something simple I just haven't learned yet.


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