EXECUTE Permission denied...What Execute permission????

EXECUTE Permission denied...What Execute permission????

Post by Bob Silv » Thu, 24 Sep 1998 04:00:00

When using an asp page to access a SQL Server 6.5 I get a response of
EXECUTE Permission Denied.

This occures when I try to open a recordset.

RS.Open "tablename", conn, 3,3

Its weird, I gave the user full access to select, insert etc but i get the
execute permission denied message. I only see an execute permission for
stored procedures, not tables.
If I hardcode it to use the sa account it works. As far as I can tell Ive
given this user all the permissions I can. Would this user need any access
to the other tables ie. master etc??

Thanks, Bob


1. EXECUTE permission denied on nested call to procedure

Stored procedure dbo.SP1 calls another, dbo.SP2. A user
is granted EXECUTE permissions to SP1, but not SP2.

According to the documentation, the user should have no
problem calling SP1, because the call to SP2 would occur
as if by the dbo.

This works.

HOWEVER if the call is made through the RPC mechanism
(i.e., "{rpc SP1}") then I'm getting:

EXECUTE permission denied on object 'SP2',
database 'SBS_dev', owner 'dbo'.

Any idea why?

Thx in advance, feel free to e-mail me personally.


p.s. This is with MSDE SP2.

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