How can I turnoff user inneaction for errors

How can I turnoff user inneaction for errors

Post by a.. » Sat, 20 Jan 2001 06:53:27

How can I stop the user inneraction when I get an error message? When
remote usere download the database and a record has an error ( field
exceded the limt) SQL requires me to click on "OK" at the console
befoer it continues to download. If I am not at the console the DL
will eventualy timeout and the DL never finishes. Where can I shut
this option down and just have SQL log it? Please help

1. User-defined error when the user doesn't define any errors

I have a rather maddening problem.  Occassionally
my VB3 application pops up an Error #2004 during
some database manipulation.  Typing out the error
message in the debug window with "print error(2004)"
gives me simply, "User-defined Error."

I have not defined any errors in my program.  The
actual line where this is occurring looks like

db.Execute "UPDATE * FROM gtus SET New = False WHERE New = True"

  where "db" is just an Access 1.1 database with
a table called "gtus" and an Integer field called
"New" that I want to set False for all records.
Seems like a pretty inocuous statement, eh?

How can a VB application generate an error that it
claims was defined by me???  All ideas/suggestions
welcome and appreciated.



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