MDAC 2.1 & Multi-Protocol Net Library

MDAC 2.1 & Multi-Protocol Net Library

Post by Keith Stree » Tue, 25 Jan 2000 04:00:00

I have encountered a problem using MDAC2.1 (sp2) to connect clients to
SQL Server 6.5 SP5a (running NT4 SP5) via ODBC.

Both client and server have MDAC 2.1 installed. The SQL Server only has
the Multi-Protocol net library installed and the clients are using the
multi-protocol library dbmsrpcn.dll that comes with MDAC 2.1.

Both server and client have the encrytion option set which is only
available with the multi-protocol library.

When trying to establish connection get [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver][Multi Protocol][ConnectionOpen (RPCopen()) Connection failed.
SQLState '08001'
SQL Server Error 11

What is more confusing is that this set up worked fine with MDAC2.0. The
problem has only arisen with upgrading clients to MDAC 2.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

Many thanks


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When running MDAC 2.0 or 2.1 on IIS 4.0 the speed of accessing Access or SQL
data fall's through the floor, a report that used to take 16 seconds would
take 2 mins 43 seconds. Having spoken to Microsoft I have had to revert to
MDAC 1.5 and this was not easy. However this now leaves me with the problem
of Access 2000 and SQL 7.0. I have heard tale of a mythical version 2.2 from
the support person at Microsoft however no one seams to know how to get hold
of it or even if it does exist.

Is it possible to :

1) Fix the speed Issues with MDAC 2.1 or MDAC 2.0
2) Get hold of the Mythical MDAC 2.2
3) Get MDAC 1.5 to work with SQL 7.0 and Access 2000.
4)Are these issues resoved with Windows 2000 and IIS 5.0.

Bill Button
Technical Manager
Pathtrace PLC (UK)

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