DTS design guidance requested

DTS design guidance requested

Post by Sean Raffus » Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:08:38

Hello.  I have a large number of pairs of text files named in the following way:


where the .dat file contains colmnated data and the .dad file describes the data in the dat file.  A typical .dad file might look like this:

Loc_code   5   CHAR    ""
Date       8   CHAR    ""
Param1    12   NUM     -9
Param2    10   NUM     -9
ParamN    10   NUM     -9

where the first column is the field name, the second is the column width, third is data type, and last is the null value.

What I would like to do is create a DTS package that will read a dad/dat combo and put the data into a flat SQL table that "fits" the data.


create table 2001FRMPM10
Loc_code char(5) NOT NULL,
Date, datetime NOT NULL,
param1 float,
param2 float,
paramN float

Now my question: What is the best way (or at least a good way) to get the values from the dad file into variables that I can then use to create the SQL table?  I have done some reading and it appears I could take a number of routes, but I am very new to DTS (and SQL overall) and I thought it wise to ask the pros.

Thanks in advance,

Sean Raffuse

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Here is a quick rundown on how things currently work:

Data is recevied from various places in the world, using various databases.
(Outof my control, I have to live with it.) However, all data is receive in
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The received data structure is checked against a DTD for sanity.

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Record 1  foo Nancy green
Record 2 bar Nancy blue
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