Problem with delete in a table of images

Problem with delete in a table of images

Post by José Miguel Cern » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Hi, i have a problem.  When i  try to delete some rows of one table (id
numeric (8), picture image) the follow message appears:
"Invalid text pointer value 000000000247eb0c"

Thanks in advanced.


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SQL Server 2k has got me confused...below the instead of trigger that
causes all my problems...below the trigger the explanation of my

create trigger [triggerConcurrenten] on [dbo].[concurrenten]
instead of delete
        -- ***** Declare local vars

        begin transaction

        -- ***** Initialize

        select deleted.* into #deleted from deleted

        Delete data from concurrenten table using the below sql
        works perfectly.
        from concurrenten
        where exists(
        select * from #deleted d
        where concurrenten.[id] = d.[id])

        /* Delete using the execute function fails! */

                raiserror('[triggerConcurrenten]: Error occured!', 16, 1)
                rollback transaction

        commit transaction      


In the trigger I've tried a 'direct' sql statement to delete data from
the concurrenten table. No problem at all...but when I use the execute
function the exact same delete statement fails...what am I doing

Thanx in advance for the answer!

Best regards,


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