File extension on saving a file in .NET

File extension on saving a file in .NET

Post by Ken Westo » Wed, 05 Jun 2002 02:54:54

I have a .NET solution open that I want to push to production from.
I've scripted all the tables and stored procedures, and have it all set
up nicely in source safe.  

NET names the stored procedure files .PRC, yet when I go to save the
file into a new directory (production in order to check in the new copy)
it wants to insist on using .SQL.  If I thought it would be this much
hassle, I would have made them all .SQL in the first place.

Does anyone have any bright ideas/registry hacks/etc to make .NET let me
save the .PRC/.TBL/whatever files exactly as they are?

Ken Weston

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1. Find out file extension from file name.


I have a table of the following structure

tblFileNames (FileID int, FileName nvarchar(255))

FileName may contain file path information (Like X:\Xdir\myfile.doc or
X:\Xdir\myfile.document.jpeg etc.)

I need to write a Select statement that would return

FileID          FileName                                File Extension.
--------------- ---------------------------------------
1               X:\Xdir\myfile.doc                      doc
2               X:\Xdir\myfile.document.jpeg            jpeg

Any suggestion?

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