ODBC Connection - Timout expired

ODBC Connection - Timout expired

Post by tiffanywon » Tue, 27 May 2003 11:47:31

i setup a ODBC data source to SQL Server 2k.  I got the error message
timout expired when I tried to test the connection. I only got this
error when I tried to connect to a remote SQL server. I could connect to
the local sql server. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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1. Timout expired error - TCP/IP connection w/ SQL Server 2000

I just installed the 2000 client tools to connect to a 2K server using
TCP/IP and I am having trouble connecting.

I previously had SQL Server 7.0 client tools installed, and was connecting
to multiple 7.0 servers using TCP/IP just fine using Enterprise Mngr and
Query Analyzer.  The need arose to connect to a 2K server, so I installed
the 2K client tools, since the 7.0 EM would not work with a 2K database
(although QA worked with the 2K server just fine).  So I installed the 2K
client tools, and now I can't connect using EM or QA, due to the timeout
expired error.  What happenned with that 2K install to cause this?

In the past, when it worked, I used the IP address as the server name, and I
used SQL Server Login to authenticate.

To troubleshoot, I've tried resetting the timeout value, I've triple-checked
the Client Configuration Utility to make sure it is set to TCP/IP, and I've
tried creating an alias.  I've also tried it on three different machines,
Win98, Win2K Pro, and NT 4.0, and all have the same problem.

I'm at my wit's end, please help : )

Thank you!

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