SQL Server access behind Proxy 1.0

SQL Server access behind Proxy 1.0

Post by Rich Beyno » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have some customers who use MS Proxy 1.0 to access the Internet.  They
need to access a server which is available to Internet users running MS SQL
Server.  Anyone beind a proxy server or firewall trying to access this
server can't get there.  But if you go direct (without the proxy server or
dial-up networking) you get there no problem.  I have opened the ports MS
tells us SQL Server is using (1433) and have tried numerous combinations of
subsequent connection ports, but to no avail.  They tell us they haven't
changed the port from it's default or anything.

Thanks for your help.

(Please respond by email as well as I don't get to check the newsgroups as
often as I would like... Thanks.)

Rich Beynon
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Any help is appreciated, Boris

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