OLE Automation object calling MTS Object

OLE Automation object calling MTS Object

Post by Marty William » Wed, 29 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have been experimenting with calling objects in MTS, with very little
success.  Does anyone have examples of doing this? Is this recommended, or
is this not reliable?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



1. ole automation...calling objects in sql

I'm trying to call the newmail object by creating an ole automation object
in a stored procedure.  My only problem is that when setting the body (of
the email) property(using sp_OASetProperty), the text is getting truncated
at 255 characters.  I am using a local varchar variable to hold the text.  I
think using the text data type might work, but local variables cannot be
declared with the text data type.  I have tried creating a temp table with a
text field and then selecting that when using sp_OASetProperty, but the
procedure will not accept a query as the property.  Help!!!

I would use xp_sendmail instead of this object business, but it doesn't
allow setting the from and return address.


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